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Originally Posted by G-man View Post
Yeah, the Charango is a ukulele, but with 10 strings, and obvious other differences. Ukulele strings would definitely be a good bet. That's what I'd go with. I've been wanting to buy a charango lately, cool piece, really.
My sister lived in Peru for a while and when she was returning, I told her to carry as many instruments with her as possible. She brought me Quena (a flute) and charango. I must say that my 100usd charango is one of the most beautiful instruments Iīve seen. The detail in decorations is overwhelming and playing wise I see nothing wrong with it. Itīs definitely a toy or a suveneer, but bought from a local music store and made by a local luthier. I love it, and I really hope the luthier also got at least some compensation for his/her excellent work.
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There are several companies that make charango strings that are commonly available. Regarding rentrent tuning, the charango does use rentrent tuning but it's not the same as a ukulele in that regard. The middle course is tuned as an octave.
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