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Default Need help on selling halfstack

Hi all!

I'm new to this site. I suppose I really just joined to get some advice from people in the 'know'.

Anyhow, my husband was a drummer but also played guitar. He unfortunately passed away in January of this year at 31 years old. I'm keeping his drum set in storage until our 3 year old son grows up.

He had a half stack that I have no use for. I'm not very knowledgeable about musical gear so that's where you fine folks come in. From what I can discern, the 'cab' is a Peavey 412 MS. The head is Marshall VS100. I have no idea where the power cords are. Is that a big deal?

I'm wondering how much I should price these items on craigslist. I know they both work. The set is a little dusty but otherwise in great shape. Sort of lost on the whole process of selling them. What would be a 'fair' price? I really don't care about getting the best selling point possible but also don't want to under price. Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help!
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Not top of the line gear but decent gigging gear. It would probably sell for appx $250.00 used depending on the location...
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