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Rich_13 Just getting started
Default Amp has power but no functions or sound ?

I have a Laney Prism P20 solid state amp . When you flick the power switch on , you hear a slight click from the speaker as usual when powering on and the LED lights on the controls flash momentarily which suggests there's power getting to the control board at least for an instant , then nothing .
There is power to the speaker because if you listen up close you can hear it buzzing , but none of the functions or volume controls work and the LEDs remain off . It seems like a bad connection somewhere but I can see nothing obvious . I'm no electrician and a bit of a duffer with a multimeter but There seems to be continuity in the cables connecting the internal power supply to and between the circuit boards I am getting a beep from the meter , and I can't see any obviously bad solder ? Any ideas would be appreciated .
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