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Originally Posted by PKVeazey View Post
Both are a compound curve.
I don't understand your point.
You practice and you get better. It's very simple. - Phillip Glass
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pdawg0 Just getting started

I have a nine year old Epiphone Dot, bought used, that has a very slight twist to the neck. I've measured it by removing the strings and nut, taking pictures down the fret board from the head to the body. Then I print the pictures, enlarged, and compare the head stock (at the nut) to the top of the body. The twist is about 1.2 degrees and hasn't changed from that over the course of two years. It isn't noticeable when playing. The set up measurements are dead on, as is the intonation. A twist like that is no issue, and by what I've read (on the Internet, so you know it's right) is more common than one might think.
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