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Default Laptop & Amp..Sound Problem?

So Im running my HP Laptop into a Fender FM25DSP.
And yes Im new at this..anyway Im doig this to simply run Band In A Box
through the amp to blend with guitar.
Its a 2 ch amp with RCA inputs, so headphones out of LT to RCA inputs.
Problem is everything sounds wavy on the RCA ch...out of Laptop.
The laptop plays fine when not connected to the amp.
The sound is best described as wavy...high & low every 4-6 seconds.
Could this be a line out level issue? My laptop also has Beats Audio.
The only way to control the volume of my input ch is from the LT
Im just trying to learn to play with some backing tracks and its very annoying.
Advice is greatly appreciated !
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I hate CD inputs and the like. I would consider buying a cheap receiver and speakers from Craigslist or Flea Market and use that as my backing track provider your results will be much better as far as EQing both the track and your guitar signal. Old stereo equipment is dirt cheap too....
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It could be any one of a dozen things. The first thing that comes to mind with Loud and Soft is an AGC(automatic gain control). When the device thinks the volume is too high, it automatically holds back and when it thinks its too soft, it turns it up. Cell phones are notorious for doing that to stop feedback squeal. There might be something in your laptop menu that allows you to turn off the AGC. Sometimes memory Buffering can cause things like that, but not usually because buffering usually causes stops and starts. Try feeding the backing track into your amp by some other method.
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