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Matteo Baratella
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Matteo Baratella Just getting started
Smile Cabinet Building

Hello everybody, my name is Matteo Baratella, I am from Italy, I am trying to build my first guitar cabinet for the Marshall AVT150H pre-amp head. (150 watt output - impendence 4/8 ohm).

My cabinet is 70 x 70 x 30 cms = 27,5 x 27,5 x 11,8 inches with a thickness of 1,8 cms = 7,08 inches.

My questions concern which speakers to choose. (I would like 12' speakers)
I would like to mix one 12' Celestion and one 12' Jensen speaker.

- Do I have to overcome the watt head output of 150 watts?
So, do I have to buy one 80 watt Celestion and one 80 watt Jensen = 160 watt output cabin power (?)

- Can I mix these two different brands? How can I know which one will not match with the other?

- Do I have to worry about the internal liters of my cabin even if it's an open back cabin?

Thank you for your time
Have a nice day!!
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ronpfid Just getting started ronpfid Just getting started

I'd for sure use the higher wattage speakers, the more they can handle, the less change of blowing them.
Yes, you can mix any brand speakers you want as long as the impedance matches the needs It'll just give you a slightly different tone.
Open back wouldn't need internal filters.
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We normally seek balance in the things we do, so we usually match things, but using two different brands of speakers might give you a really nice result. Especially if there is a noticeable difference in the sound of the two different speakers. If you plan to push those speakers hard by running the volume up real high, then you might want to use 100 watt or higher rated speakers. When you hear distortion, you are hearing something close to a square wave and speakers don't like square waves. Too much wattage overheats the speaker's voice coil and it melts like a fuse. Years ago, I had an Ampeg Reverbrocket and ran it wide open and right in the middle of a solo, the voice coil opened and it went silent. When I turned around to look at the amp, smoke started to rise and the signal backed up and burned out the output transformer. It was a very expensive electronics lesson.
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(2) 80 watt speakers, 16 Ohms each wired in parallel will give you an 8 Ohm load that your amp will be looking for as well as give you added room for heat. Speakers are rated for continuous and program. Continuous rating is what you are looking for.

Program is what the speaker/s can handle in bursts.

2 80 watt speakers can handle 150 continuous all day long (Not that I would recommend doing that as the coils will eventually crap out over time), but the going over kill on the speakers such as 100 watts each and pushing the amp full all the time will put over due stress on the output section, as well as under power the speakers potential. You're going to clip the amp before the speakers, and depending on the sound you're after, either/or could be detrimental.

My rule of thumb is 15 to 25 watts over what the amps output is. Just remember to wire the speakers Ohms to match the amps impedance. Go up, not down.
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