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Default Fixing Cortana Bing issue

If any of you use Cortana in Windows 10 and are annoyed that it always forces you to Edge as a brower and Bing as a search engine I finally found a fix that works.

I don't use Contana often and when I do it's manly to ask the time, weather, or a sports score so it's just a direct answer. If Contana doesn't have a direct answer "she" just repeats your question into Bing and Edge opens up.

If your regular browser and search engine preference isn't Edge and Bing you can use the browser extension Chrometana and then download a small program/file called EdgeDeflect and you can choose your browser and search engine.

I use Chrome and Google. Now if I use the search bar at the bottom of Windows (taskbar) or ask Cortana a question the browser and search engine used are Chrome and Google.

I'm just posting this in case it helps anyone.
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