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Default 5 gigs, 2 days!

Started on Saturday. I had two performance slots at a solo, the other with a band. Well the agent who booked me for both of those called me and asked me if I could instead play a different festival across town at 11AM. I was contracted and so forth, so I'd get paid for the two gigs I wasn't going to play AND get paid for this new gig. Sure. Fine. I'll do it.

I show up at the other festival at 10 AM...there's another band setting up on stage. Turns out the hiring person there double booked that stage. They asked each band if we could be flexible and play a later slot. We were both booked later in day, so that was a no-go. We wound up playing, the other band went on down the road. Both bands got paid since it was the festival's screw up...and we had contracts.

We play that one, change clothes/personnel/etc, and drive across the river for a 5 PM performance at a 75th birthday party on some guy's estate on the Potomac. Big ol' lawn party with his family, friends, hunting buddies, etc. It was a good one.

Finally, on Sunday we shuffled personnel again and played a pumpkin deal out in Virginia. Done.

So...really only played 3 gigs, but got PAID for 5. I'll take it!
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