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If you work from both sides with your HF reamer, you'll make holes that are hourglass shaped. Wider at each face and narrower in the center. Compare that to the shape of the tuners which may or may not be a uniform cylinder. In many cases, the hourglass shape works OK because the there's a bushing on the top, a short shaft on the tuner and a gap between. A round or rat tail file might help if you need to open the centers a bit.

Regardless, cut a bit and then test fit each half. You want a snug fit but no more than finger pressure to inerts the tuners and bushings. If they are too tight the headstock could split.
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I used the reamer on some. But, I saw on YouTube a faster way. I used the drill but did not plug it in. I manually twist the bit on the drill.

They're all installed now. I'll post a pic in a bit.
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