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Originally Posted by Nelmarticus View Post
Thanks, for the feedback. I have been looking at the kempler, but for what I want itís just too much. I have had a chance to spend more time with the HeadRush, and it has exactly what I need, as far as connections to my existing setup, and how I want to incorporate what I use. Iím also very happy with the modeling and IR capability. Iíll post more after I e had a chance to play with it. Ill get it in a couple weeks.🙂
Ah you got the Headrush pedal board? Let me know how it is, I have a buddy very seriously considering grabbing one. The interface looks awesome.
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Nelmarticus Just getting started

I picked up the HeadRush yesterday. Ive gotten to spend about 3-4 hours with it so far, last night my buddy came over after work and we jammed through some of the presets together...
I will say that most are not for me... I found about 20-25, of the 270 someodd presets that I can build up from, nothing was exactly what I was looking for. However, after just a few brief minutes of tinkering with a new set up and I already have a few rigs that are super close to what I’m looking for, all built from scratch, and with some more time and tweaking, I have every confidence I get them to sound exactly the way I want...
the switching of effects and “rigs” is smooth, but not quite gapless. But I believe this is due to the fact that I literally opened it up and plugged it in, I have not download the latest firmware, or the included Celestion Impulse responses.

So far, I am extremely impressed with the ease of use, the feel, the signal quality (I have had any noise issues incorporating this into my existing set, so far...).

I am looking forward to digging in deeper to this board. And I will try to get some audio samples posted to share! Thanks everyone. If you want to know anything about it, I’ll try my best to help.

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Se7enHeaven Just getting started

Price wise, I hear nothing but good things about the Katana... presuming you want to go the amp with effects route.
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