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Owain Just getting started
Default Any advice on which guitar to play?

Hi, I am Owain, I am a 23 year old student, studying business management at the university of liverpool. I learnt to play guitar when I was 11 to 16, and took lessons. I first paid for lessons to take part in school, but the guitar teacher never turned up, so I got another better instructor and got lessons from him till I was 16. I haven't played much of my guitars since then, but have been looking to get back into it. Now with having to quit boxing I am officially getting back into guitars.

I have a few guitars, I have a Squier acoustic, a Yamaha Pacifica, a Harley Benton, and a PRS SE One I recently bought. Out of these I prefer my Squier acoustic, for some reason I've never liked my Pacifica despite people saying it's a good guitar. I don't like the twangy sound that comes from it. I love my acoustic because it's beautiful, has a beautiful nice natural sound coming out of it, a stronger sound than the Yamaha, and feels a cleaner sound. It's also just beautiful in comparison, all wood. I'm also not keen on the PRS SE One, i feel it's maybe too advanced for me.

Now, I'm not sure which I should play. My acoustic I love, but don't know if I should play that or one of my electrics. What are your suggestions? I like a lot of different music, country western, hotel California, some Joe Bonamassa, a bit of Eric Clapton, Tony Ennamuel, a bit of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Slash (on his own in his solos, not keen on his group), and I like a few Motorhead songs.
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Seattle Just getting started Seattle Just getting started

If you prefer the Squier that's the one you should play. Much of the music that you like is generally played on an electric however.
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Play them all
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Originally Posted by BobF View Post
Play them all

I played 4 different guitars yesterday. I love them all. It's not a marriage where you can have one and only one forever
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JaxJaxon Just getting started

have you thought of using a saddle Mic on the acoustic you will get its sound while being able to use effects to make it more electric sounding Best of Both Worlds v I can Make A Bad Guitar sound good ,a Good Guitar sound Great and a Great Guitar sound like Heaven.
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