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Originally Posted by Smedley Fingers View Post
It's the interlude part for Dust in the Wind.

I think it must be a typo.
Originally Posted by Smedley Fingers View Post
I thought the same thing Aly but this is what my teacher replied:

Use the small F chord in the 1st position, add B on the 3rd string at fret 4 using your pinky and play the chord with the open 5th string A as the bottom note.

It sounds good.

Not sure what your teacher is trying to get you to do, but the interlude of Dust uses these shapes:

        Amadd9      G/A         F(#4)/A     Fadd6/A     F(#4)/A 

As I suspected it's moving chord shapes around while keeping open strings. Naming the chords you get when doing this is tricky at best.


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I just had another thought regarding this subject. When I see something like F/G, it means an F triad with a G Bass note. No its not...... It then becomes a G11. Try this for fun: C, Am, F, and G7. Then play it again and this time play, C, Am, F, and F with a G in the Bass. I love using that as a turn around chord. The G7 wants to resolve but the G11 REALLY wants to resolve. Sometimes I'll use the G augmented or G7 #5 to turn around but that can get to be really typical.
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The chords I have trouble with are old lady and bear claw...
(see if anyone gets that...)
Be the string
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