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Originally Posted by JonR View Post
There's nothing wrong with Em to Am (v > i). It's a weaker cadence, but sometimes we want a weak cadence.

REM's 'Losing My Religion' is in A minor with Em as v. Sounds fine, and E major wouldn't be right at all. (The weakness of the cadence suits the confusion the lyrics are expressing.)

The major V chord in a minor key is simply a tradition in European tonal music, because the key convention demands the strong V-i cadence. It's still a sound we like, so it's still common. It's just not universal, nor is it always "better".
Yeah, you are 100% right. I shouldnt have said better. As you say its a stronger resolution, doesnt necessarily sound better, but what I think I ment was that if you want a strong resolution the V-i sounds better.

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