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Brass or other Metal 3 17.65%
Glass 13 76.47%
Ceramic 0 0%
Other 1 5.88%
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Mr. Boston
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Originally Posted by hippychip View Post
I know one person for sure that makes slides from bone---check out his Facebook page Mojobone Works. He makes some really cool stuff!
I would think a slide made out of anything organic would wear out pretty quickly. In the grand scheme of things bone is somewhat soft, at least when compared to glass, metal, or ceramic. Does he use like a hard shellac or something on them? I mean you can leave a scratch on some bones with your fingernail, forget about round-wound nickel guitar strings.
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I'm not talking about chicken bones here---bone is the material of choice for your nut, and also acoustic saddles---cow bone is very hard, and if you are pressing your slide hard enough to scratch it---you suck at playing slide! I have a bone slide (not one of his---yet) and the mellow tones are very pleasing. I have brass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, glass, ceramic, and bone in my collection. I also have a wide variety of guitars in different tunings---here are a few that I have built over the years---number 2 sounds best with the bone!
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When I'm laying down tracks for a song I always do a few with slides. Glass, (not Pyrex), and brass are my choice. I've even used a mic stand cause it looks cool

Plectrum material will also affect tone, and although I use medium plastic picks for most of my tracks, I will occasionally pick up one of my mojo picks which is 90% silver and gives a very warm pleasing tone.


Song done with a glass slide.

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Depends on the guitar. Some need that extra mass of metal to sustain well. Most electrics don't and glass is good. The bigger metal ones can get clunky unless you have a really nice touch.
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