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I think I'll stay away from any soldering. I've played around with things some more and have come up with some "solutions", I think.

If the pickup is only on the neck it's relatively fine. When you are on "both" the volume goes up as they are wired in series so whatever is going on is worse then of course.

In the bridge position there is more hum but I noticed that it's much worse only when the volume control is in the middle third of its range. When I turn it all the way up it gets pretty quiet.

Touching the strings doesn't quiet anything as it would with my Tele but touching the selector switch or the jack does. I guess that means the bridge isn't grounded the way the switch and jack are?

One thing I always notice about these shielding articles is that either in the article or in the follow-up comments it's mentioned that there is still hum but it's just a little better.

That kind of reminds me of tonewood debates. "Admittedly the tonewood doesn't make a big difference but I can tell the difference"
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