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I listened to the first piece. When it first started, I was thinking, "OK, I'm going to tell him that the Bass line needed more attention". Then after you got going, the Bass line picked up and instead of you just hitting the Bass note and letting it ring until the next chord came along, you then started playing bass notes that moved from one chord to another. Now, the only comment I have is, "Its pretty good stuff". My personal preference to Melody is that it should move clearly from place to place." Some folks like big open jumps from place to place and that's fine. My personal preference is to know where you are and know where you're going and then know when you get there. I think that's because I'm simple minded. I have a friend, Daniel Clarke, who is a great jazz keyboard player and he plays all that OUTSIDE Jazz that makes no sense. He was playing some of that stuff that I hate and he did it so I knew where he was, where he was going, and when he got there. I said, "Damn!!! I knew exactly what you were doing and I followed it with ease and I loved it." He said that it was the best compliment he ever got.
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