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I have an octave pedal. I bought it used and its a brand name(probably BOSS) but I'd have to go find the case its in to tell you the brand. It says Octaver on it. It has an on and off foot switch and knobs for how much guitar you want and knobs for how much bass you want. Using the knobs you can blend them however you want. You can drop a note one octave or two octaves or both dropped octaves and still have guitar. When I'm feeling lazy and don't want to use my Bass, I just hook it up to my guitar and turn the guitar knob down so only the Bass note plays. Then I can play bass without all the stretching. There is one really bad thing about octave boxes. If you play chords, you will learn in about 3 seconds that its a big mistake. Its definitely meant to play solos only. Sometimes you can get away with two notes if you are playing really high notes. If you want to save money, I suggest you go to a music store and try the Boss Octaver and then find a Chinese Octave box that works the same and sounds the same. I hope this helps.
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