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Originally Posted by Mr. Boston View Post
Dunno, but I just bought my wife a Banjo for her birthday. A Gretsch, whatever the entry-level one is. It was like $250 and I got her 4 lessons at Guitar Center to go with it.

With any instrument I'd always advise someone to have at least a few sessions with a teacher. If you already play guitar it might not be difficult to sort of figure out the basics on your own, but every instrument is its own animal and someone who really knows what they're doing might at the very least be able to steer you away from some of the technique pitfalls that a person learning on their own might be prone to stumbling into.

I did most of my guitar learning on my own, and nearly 2 decades into it it's still a constant struggle to break my "bad habits" in terms of techniques. Had I had a little more patience for instruction as a teenager I might be a notably better guitarist today. Oh well.
Good pick. I recently tried one of these beginner Gretsch banjos at my own Guitar Center and it sounded pretty good. No it's not a modern closed back (Earl Scruggs style), it's open. Old style. It had a lot of punch and sustain and a mellow sound.
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