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Forum Rules
Greetings, and welcome to Guitar Forums. PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING .

We have ZERO tolerance for any form of spam. Any member that spams our forum will be permanently banned without prior warning.

Spam includes, but is not limited to, using the forum to gain traffic to another website, Facebook/Youtube, flooding the forum with unnecessary posts, commercial or personal monetary gain, and/or the promotion of goods and services.

Basically this means, if you've signed up with the sole intention of promoting your page/website, you will be removed without notification. Guitar Forums is not to be used as your personal medium.

Moderators may occasionally make exceptions to these rules on a case by case basis, based on factors such as the member's participation and standing in the forum community, the type of exception requested, frequency of such requests by the member, etc., but in all such cases permission MUST be asked and approved by a moderator before posting.

Home Page and signature areas are to be used for directing to your personal music page.

Guitar Forums requires members to make 15 posts before they are allowed to post links. This is to prevent new members from posting links upon being registered and possibly spamming the forum. Trying to circumvent this with unnecessary posts, or by other means in order to post a link will result in a permanent ban WITHOUT WARNING.

Guitar Forums is a place for people to come together to discuss the guitar and all of its aspects. Discussion of other topics is allowed and encouraged.

By using the Guitar Forums, you agree to the following:

Posting is a privilege, not an entitlement. Any member can have their posting privilege suspended or removed. Depending on the nature of the violation, the administrators and moderators of this site, at their sole discretion, may suspend or terminate a memberís account.

Posting privileges will be suspended or removed completely if an administrator or moderator determines that your post contains any of the following: Content that is offensive, rude, disrespectful, threatening, or obscene. Advocating, or discussing with the intent to commit illegal activities. Unauthorized copyrighted material. Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation or personal promotion for monetary gain. Impersonating a forum leader.

No "For Sale/For Trade" ads are allowed.

Members are only allowed to register with one user name/I.P. address and account. Multiple accounts under a single I.P. will be removed and blocked. Any requests to have your account deleted will be denied.

Please note that the reasons a user can be banned include, but are not limited to, the above examples. The administrators and moderators of Guitar Forums reserve the right to suspend or ban a userís posting privileges on this website based on circumstances other than those listed above.

You remain solely responsible for the content and any personal information you post on Guitar Forums. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this forum, any related websites to this forum, its staff, and its subsidiaries. The owners of this forum also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or any other related information collected on this service) in the event of a formal complaint or legal action arising from any situation caused by your use of this forum.

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